Allows your business to accept payment via fax, phone and online order forms without any processing fees, service fees or merchant accounts.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for DraftAbility

What Operations Systems is DraftAbility Compatible With?

DraftAbility has been tested and is fully compatible with:

DraftAbility is not compatible with UNIX, MAC or OS/2 operating systems.

A signature is usually required on a check - how do we get around this?

The reason that the drafts are accepted by the bank, is that they carry a message in the print out that states, "Payment authorized by accountholder. Indemnification agreement provided by: your company name". This assures the bank that you have physically or verbally recorded proof in some form that the customer authorized the draft. And if you can't provide this to the bank, the customer can dispute the charge because his or her signature is not there. This indemnification statement is an official, legal, and valid statement that allows the check to be cashed under the American Banker's Association Laws.

Is DraftAbility Legal?

Yes - not only is this legal but the checks and drafts this program prints conform to strict standards set by the American Bankers' Association as well as The Uniform Commercial Code. Another strong benefit is that the program allows you to solidify sales while the customer is still on the phone, thus enabling you to close more sales and reap the revenue quicker. All you need is voice authorization.

How Do I Know That My Customer's Draft Won't Bounce?

Depending on what type of business you are in, you may need to verify funds before you deposit your customer's drafts. With DraftAbility software, there are three primary methods of verifying funds:

  1. Call the bank directly to verify funds, just ask for the bank's phone number when you take the order (bank phone numbers are printed on most checks) and enter it into the comments field of the data entry screen. Although this is a very cost effective method of verifying funds, it can consume some time if you have a lot of banks to call.
  2. Check Insurance Service allows you to be assured that all of your checks will be good depositable checks and make these bad check risks a thing of the past. If the check bounces, the check insurance company pays you for the check. Currently, the check insurance service requires a credit card type terminal, a sign up fee (usually around $75) and an additional fee for each check processed. The fee varies depending on the type of business you are in but is usually around 2% of the check amount. If you do not already have a credit card terminal, you can rent one from the check insurance company for about $25 per month. Information on obtaining this check insurance will be included in the user manual you receive when you purchase DraftAbility.
  3. Check Verification Service is also available through the same company that offers the Check Insurance service. The fees are lower for check verification than check insurance.

Do I need To Purchase Special Toner For My Printer?

Since most of the banks now use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to read the MICR line on checks and drafts, special toner is not required. Even if your bank does not have OCR equipment installed, the regular toner used in LaserJet printers is magnetic and can usually be read by banks that are not using OCR. If the bank's automated system cannot read this information, the check or draft will still get processed because the bank will manually enter the MICR line at the bottom of the check in magnetic ink. If you have a problem processing checks through your bank and feel that you need MICR toner, it can be ordered from Best Business Systems at 502-781-3129.

Printing On Regular Paper Vs Purchasing Check Stock:

With DraftAbility you can print your checks on blank regular paper, however, you should use paper that has a light design or grain of some kind on both sides of it. Some banks may have a problem with a plain white check because they could be easily duplicated. You can usually find a good deal on this type of paper at an office supply store such as Office Depot or Office Max.

Although you can print your checks on regular paper, purchasing check stock has the following benefits and security features:

This check stock can be purchased from OPI at 813 567 1050 or can be ordered over the Internet from our website by clicking here.

Can DraftAbility Import Data?

Currently, DraftAbility supports the importing of data by the following methods:

  1. Import data from online Internet forms directly into DraftAbility with the Online Order Form Importer.
  2. Import data with Microsoft Access 7.0 directly into the DraftAbility database file. To do this, you will open the DraftAbility database with MS Access 7.0 and import the data according to the instructions given with this software package.

How Does The Online Order Form Importer Work?

DraftAbility has an online order form importer which allows you to import Internet online forms directly into DraftAbility saving you the task of typing the information in manually. It even verifies the bank account number and bank routing number to the bottom check row verification at the end of the form. Here is how it works:

  1. First you create the online order form in HTML and place it on an Internet website. You will have to get instructions from your ISP if you are not sure how to do this. Each ISP does it a little differently, but the overall format of the form is the same. Click here to view a sample online order form; you may want to just modify this form and use it. Be sure that you do not change the names of the fields in the form; if they are changed the fields may not import properly. We grant everyone who purchases DraftAbility the right to copy and modify our online forms.
  2. When the online order form is filled out and the Submit button is pressed, the fields of the form are sent to you via an email. Check Here to see what the email you receive should look like. You then open the email and either select the entire email message or choose Edit - Select All and choose Copy. The purpose of this is to copy the entire email message to the clipboard so it can be pasted into DraftAbility. If you are running the evaluation version of the software, you may try this yourself with the sample order.
  3. Start DraftAbility, and choose File - Paste Order Form or press CTRL - P. The Order Importer will locate the correct fields of the form from the clipboard and paste them into their proper locations of the check form.

Can DraftAbility Export Data?

Yes - DraftAbility can export data from any DraftAbility draft database file to comma delimited text format. This is the standard format that is used by many spreadsheets and database applications. If you have Microsoft Access, you can also read the DraftAbility database file and export the information to any data type that Microsoft Access supports.

About the Security of Account Information

This is a concern that is occasionally expressed by the customer about having to give out their account number over the phone. We eased that concern by simply reminding them that they have not signed the draft but instead gave a verbal authorization for debiting a specific amount. If the debit is not exactly as they agreed to, they are protected by their bank and their account will be credited. Once they understand their rights, they are comfortable with this method of billing.

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