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DraftAbility Technical Support

If you need technical support for DraftAbility, please look through the list of common problems and solutions below. All reported problems are documented here. Or tech support email is draftability@draftability.com  

MICR Font Problems

Step 1: If you just installed the program using Windows 95 or Windows NT and did not perform a proper shutdown for your PC before rebooting it, you may need to install the MICR font again. Choose Start - Settings - Control Panel - Fonts. Double click on the MICR 62 font and make sure it states "Copyright AdvanceMeants, Inc." If it does not exist, follow the procedure below to install the  font:

Step 2: If you are using a version of DraftAbility older than version 7.0, download and install the new DraftAbility version 7.0. Version 7.0 has a new and improved font that works better with some printers that have had problems.

Step 3: To properly print the MICR line on checks, your PC may need to be setup to print True Type fonts as graphics to your printer. To do this, click Start - Settings - Printers. Select your printer, choose Printer - Properties, choose options to make sure "Print True Type as graphics" is selected; look in the the Font or Graphics folders for these settings. You may also have to change the print mode to "raster." If these options are not present in your printer properties, try a few of the other settings such as "download True Type as bitmap soft fonts".

Step 4 - Try using another compatible print driver: The "MICR font not detected" error will occur on some print drivers (such as the HP LaserJet 5 SI printer driver) that are unable to print the MICR font properly. Some other print drivers will cause this error to appear, however, the printer will print checks and drafts without problems. In this case, just click OK to bypass this screen and use the program. To fix this problem for the HP Laserjet 5 SI, install the HP LaserJet III driver on the port connected to the 5 SI printer and make it your default printer. This appears to be a bug in the driver from HP, they may have an updated driver on the Internet by now that you can download and install.

Step 5 - Reinstall your print driver by the following method. 

  1. Obtain new print driver files from the your printer vendor if they are available.
  2. Choose Start - Settings - Printers. Delete your printer.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Choose Start - Settings - Printers. Add your printer or follow instructions provided by your printer vendor.
  5. Restart your computer.  Try printing again.

The last character of the routing, transit or account number is not printing at the bottom of the checks

This problem can usually be solved by removing DraftAbility via add/remove programs in control panel and reinstalling the new version 7.0 software.  If you try this and the problem persists, follow the procedures for MICR Font Problems above.

Common Printing Problems

NOTE: the printer properties dialog box may include options for number of copies, landscape, portrait print, etc. these options should be set to default settings which should be 1 copy, Portrait Orientation and Letter size paper.

Verify you can print from other applications such as Notepad or Wordpad.  If you are unable to print from other applications you will not be able to print from DraftAbility either and the problem is not with DraftAbility.

Make sure you are printing on check stock that is 88mm in length. This is the check length of most standard letter size 3up check stock. Deselect the 88mm check box if you are printing on check stock that is 92mm in length or checks on plain paper and you want to print exactly 3 checks per page. By printing exactly 3 checks per page, you only need to make two cuts in the paper for every 3 checks printed. NOTE: If your printer has problems printing the last check you will have to use the standard printing method. Some printers do not have a printable area large enough to print the last check if using the 92mm check length; Most LaserJet printers can print the last check while most ink jet and bubble jet printers cannot. If your printer cannot print the last check , the printer will usually print this information on the next page or give you an error. To get around this, choose the Align Printer button in the print menu and try decreasing the Vertical Start Position Number. As a last resort, choose the option to print only 2 checks per page.

Also be sure the check stock is in the printer properly. The stock should be in the printer so that the first three checks are fed through the printer before the small perforation tab at the bottom of the check stock.

If you are still having printing problems, try the suggestions for MICR font problems

Runtime Error 50003 when Trying to Print

This error message is from a corrupted version of the Draft Creator distribution file. The corrupted version was distributed in January, 1999 and has since been corrected. To correct the problem, please download the latest version of DraftAbility and reinstall.

Printer Error Occurs when Starting The Program

This error occurs when you do not have a printer installed that supports True Type fonts. Install the correct print driver for your printer or obtain a newer print driver for your printer.

Cannot Print to a Network Printer

If you are printing to a printer that is not attached directly to your PC, you may have to capture the LPT1 port. In Windows 95, click Start - Settings - Printers. Under printer properties, select Capture Port, type in the network path to the printer and select LPT1 for the "print to the following port" selection.

Words on the Screen are too Big
Printed Checks are in Italics
Printed Information does not Fit on the Check

This can occur if you do not have the "Times New Roman" True Type font installed properly. Open up control panel and install the Times New Roman True Type fonts. Make sure you have all four types of the fonts installed. You should have Times New Roman, Times New Roman Bold, Times New Roman Italic, and Times New Roman Bold Italic. These files come standard with Windows and are required by DraftAbility to properly display and print text.

Bank is Rejecting Checks

Either the bank notifies you of problems reading the MICR line of printed checks or the checks com back from the bank with an additional strip attached to the bottom of the check indicating that the information had to be re-entered and printed again to process. Check the following:

Setup Errors

If the setup program does not properly install DraftAbility try the following:

  1. Install Winzip on your PC.  Start Winzip and open DraftCreator.exe.  Choose to Extract all files to c:\da.  Then run setup.exe from the c:\da directory. 
  2. You can also try installing DraftAbility on another PC.  If it installs properly on one PC and not on the other, the problem could be a corrupted registry, corrupted Windows directory or a damaged DLL file in the \Windows\System directory.  A reinstallation of Windows may be necessary.

Other Problems

All reported problems are documented in this on-line technical support document. If you are having other problems not mentioned here they are probably unique to your PC.  You can determine this by installing DraftAbility on another PC.  If it installs and runs properly on one PC and not on the other, the problem is usually with the PC and not the DraftAbility program, even if other applications seem to function normally. This is because the Draft Creator program uses your PC in ways that other programs do not. The problem could be any of the following:

DraftAbility technical support will be unable to assist you in solving these types of problems. Some of these problems can be corrected by reinstalling Windows.  Support to resolve these problems should be obtained from your PC vendor or Microsoft.

If you are having the same problem on more than one PC (eliminating the possibility that there is something wrong with one PC), please send email to draftability@draftability.com for technical support.  Please allow up to 3 business days for a response.

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DraftAbility software is (c) Copyright by OPI 1998. Other programs mentioned are copyright/trademark/property of their respective companies.