DraftAbility Tutorial / Virtual Tour

The following is a tutorial and "virtual tour" of our DraftAbility software. It will allow you to see how the software works and how it would look running on your PC.

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After program installation, choose the DraftAbility icon under Start - Programs - DraftAbility. A password is needed when DraftAbility is first started. The initial program password for DraftAbility is "smile" - without the quotes. The software will function in evaluation mode until a serial number is entered. Once entered, the Activate and Order buttons seen below will disappear and the fully functional version of the software will be activated.

Once you enter the password and choose Agree you will need to create or choose a database to work with. Each database is a separate set of checks that are not related in any way to any other database. DraftAbility has two different types of databases - draft and check databases. A draft database allows you to print drafts for deposit in your bank account and a check database allows you to print checks from your bank account.

We strongly suggest you create a few different databases for your needs. For example, you may wish to create a separate database file for monthly draft accounts (these will be printed every month), another for normal drafts (that are printed one time), another for employee payroll checks and another for your business checking account so you can print your own checks.

After you create and choose a database, you will see the data entry screen. The first check in each account is used to set default fields. To create a new check at this screen you will need to select the NEW button at the bottom of the screen. This will create a new record in the account database. Most of the fields you are going to enter data into on the data entry screen are arranged in the format of a standard check. If you have any doubt about what information should go into what field, you can review any standard check from a bank. To move to a previously created check, use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the data entry screen.

With DraftAbility software, it is possible to process online orders from website order forms. When you receive the email from your online order, you will copy the email to the Windows Clipboard by selecting the contents of the message (choose Edit - Select All) and choose Edit - Copy. Once the online form is in the Clipboard it can be pasted directly into DraftAbility without any typing. Just choose File - Paste Order Form and the contents on the online form will appear in the appropriate fields.


After you have entered a few checks and you are ready to print them out, choose File - Print to get to the printer control menu. From this menu, you will need to select which checks you want to print at the bottom of the screen. Selecting "print all selected to print once" will print all checks that have the print field set to "print once". Selecting "print all selected to print multiple times" will print all checks that have the print field set to "multiple times". You can select both of these fields to print both types of checks in one print job. To the left of each check box there is a small box with a number in it. This is the number of checks or labels that will print when you select the box. This will give you an idea of how many checks and labels to load into the printer.

You can print checks selected to print multiple times as often as you want to. DraftAbility cannot prompt you when it is time to print these checks again, therefore, you should print them on a regular basis. For example, in a monthly draft database, choose to print "all selected to print multiple times" on the first Monday of every month. After every successful print job, monthly draft check numbers are renumbered and dates are set to the current date to avoid duplicate check numbers and incorrect dates.

To print several blank business size checks, checks for use with Quicken (tm), Quickbooks (tm) or Microsoft Money (tm), choose the "Print Blank Checks" option from the print control menu bar.

Drafts and checks are printed on letter size check stock or regular paper that has a light design on it. 3 checks can print per page. The following is a sample of a printed draft. When you view this draft understand that, because of security features, we were unable to scan check stock. Therefore, we had to print the draft on plain white paper. Your draft will look more impressive on check stock.

As you can see, the software is easy to use and operate. Many other features of the software such as searching through the database and printing labels are not covered here but are documented in the online manual. The online manual is only available after installing the software on your PC.

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DraftAbility Software is (c) Copyright by OPI, 1998. Quicken and QuickBooks and copyrights of Intuit Corporation. Other programs mentioned are copyright/trademark/property of their respective companies.